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         I truly appreciate YOU SO MUCH for coming. YOU are an awesome MENTOR.



- Ms. Anita D.



Did you know that...

Your child may benefit from school-based or community-based mentoring. If your is child having social, emotional, or behavioral issues, let me see if I can help.
Adults need support, too! How can you benefit from having access to a  private Social Worker? Let's talk and find out how...

It is impossible to be in two places at one time. I may be able to help. Ask me how?


A private mentor is provided to serve as a positive role model and assist the child to hone healthy coping skills, develop and improve decision-makings skills, promote positive school and home environments and offer additional support and resources to caregivers.

Children Services

Pre-K through 12th Grade

(Ages 4-17)

A private mentor is provided to assist adults in managing specific areas of their life that they have identified as challenging. The mentor is available to assist the adult in managing emotions, developing conflict resolution skills, encouraging healthy relationships, connecting them to resources, and aid in acquiring a better quality of life.

Adult Services

Must be 18 years old and older

(Ages 18-49)

Disabled & Elderly Services

Must be disabled and/or 50 years

old or older

A private mentor is provided to serve as a person that they can depend on to listen to their needs, provide them conversation, assist them with managing their appointments, serve as a liason between them and other services and business, and connect them with additional resources.

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