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Welcome to The M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Mentor Program!


Miss Kimberlee, LLC-The M.A.D. Mentor Program is a hybrid program, a private social service program, developed to address unmet needs of individuals of various ages. While there are many, many helpful not-for-profit social services agencies, there are some people that do not meet the necessary requirements for some not-for-profit programs.


This program is designed to address life's challenges and to evolve to provide services to tackle those needs. This program's service areas include St. Louis City and neighboring St. Louis County communities.


The M.A.D Mentor Program was primarily created to assist families whose income exceeds many low-income guidelines. However, this program is designed to assist families no matter their financial situation. This program provides families with an opportunity for their children to have a private mentor, the M.A.D. Mentor, a Master-level Social Worker.


The M.A.D. Mentor primarily works towards helping children hone, develop, improve, and manage positive behaviors while collaborating with parents or caregivers, and school staff. This service provides children with additional support to improve healthy relationships and decision-making skills, enhance their learning experiences, and gives the caregivers additional support.


The M.A.D. Mentor also provides services to adults to give additional support as they are faced with life's challenges. Services provided are geared to offer options to develop and manage healthy relationships, time-management, budgeting, case (medical, transportation, and court) management and appointment scheduling, academic and employment support, and overall life-management skills.



To improve the quality of life for children, youth, families, adults, and the elderly and disabled residents of St. Louis City and neighboring St. Louis counties by assisting them to meet and manage the everyday challenges of life.


Through healthy relationships, access to services and opportunities, and improved coping and communication skills, every person can improve their quality of life at home, school, and in the workplace.



When possible, to provide assistance when needed and otherwise not available...being a support to and encouragement for one family at a time. To help people where they are often vulnerable through encouragement and opportunity. To assist people when they finally "Get MAD" about their circumstance and decide to take steps to Make A Difference in a positive way to achieve positive results.



Increase healthy relationships through positive role-modeling, improve overall quality of life, and provide assistance to manage unmet needs.


Decrease stress factors, negative influences that impact daily living, and unhealthy, self-destructive behaviors.


Prevent a mental state of crisis with positive and healthy coping, planning and preparedness, and additional support.



* Normandy School Collaborative's Washington Elementary Student Care Center-Tier 3 Facilitator (2017-current).

* Children's Homework Helper with Provident, Inc's after-school program at...

Jefferson Elementary (2014-2018), Dunbar Elementary (2017-2018), Bryan Hill Elementary (2017-2018), Ashland Elementary (2016-2018), Nance Elementary (2017-2018), and Lexington Elementary (2016-2018).

* Housing Authority of Saint Louis County's (HASLC) Literacy Summer and After School Programs (2015-current).

* Panelist at Harris-Stowe State University's 2-day 2015 S.E.A.T. (Students, Executives, Activities, and Talks) Conference.

* Guest speaker at Harris-Stowe's School of Business Internship course (Fall 2015).

* Resource/Internship opportunity to Harris-Stowe's School of Business students (Fall 2015).

* Provides services to students in various school districts in the St. Louis City and County areas.


* #Project63115 is an LRA property that was purchased in July 2018 to house Miss Kimberlee, LLC and expand services by establishing a nonprofit to target the growing needs of this community. By purchasing this property we are demonstrating our desire to rebuild a once thriving community with so much historical value. We are heavily rooted in this community and are dedicated to invest in it. We are also committed to engaging residents, elected officials, businesses, churches, and other resources to help us in this effort. If you would like to help, we have an ongoing #Project63115 GoFundMe campaign and a CashApp ($MissKimberleeLLC). We are in need of a roof frame and roof installation, heating and cooling, electric, plumbing, walls, floors, doors, windows...and that is just the basics. We are not sure how long this process is...but we are in it for the long haul. We are in it for you. Introduction letters will start going out in March 2019.


According to U.S. Census Bureau's American FactFinder, as of 2017, there are 7,512 occupied housing units, and 4,209 UNOCCUPIED housing units. It also states that the median household income in $23,780.00; 35.9% of individuals are living below poverty; and the largest population is 97.1% African American/Black. 

My husband and I attended a 4th Ward meeting in February 2019. We were blatantly informed that people do not want to invest their money here. As a resident and small business owner, I refuse to wait on someone else to come into this community to help when we are perfectly capable of unifying and making our community better. This community is known for its crime, broken windows, vacant properties, and littered streets. But I know this community by the hard-working neighbors, the hidden jewels in the community, the pleasant employees at the local businesses, and the desire to want better.


Kimberlee's Accolades and Accomplishments

* 2005 Cum Laude graduate of Saint Louis Community College-Florissant Valley

* 2006-2007 The National Dean's List

* 2007 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

* 2008 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Harris-Stowe State University

* 2010 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Washington University's Brown School of Social Work

* 2014 Launch of Miss Kimberlee, LLC - The M.A.D. Mentor Program

* 2015 Anticipated Summa Cum Laude graduate of Webster University

The mission of The M.A.D. Mentor Program is to improve the quality of life for children, youth, families, adults, and the elderly and disabled residents of St. Louis City and neighboring St. Louis neighboring counties by assisting them meet the everyday challenges of life. 


Through healthy relationships, access to services and opportunities, and improved coping and communication skills, every person can improve their quality of life at home, school, and in the workplace.

Our Mission

The M.A.D. Mentor

Kimberlee N. Johnson


Driven with the passion to help where she can, Kimberlee established this single-member, private social service program.


She is an A.A.S. graduate of St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley in Criminal Justice, a B.S. graduate Harris-Stowe State University in Criminal Justice, an M.S.W. graduate the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis with a concentration in Children, Youth, and Families, and earned an M.A. in Legal Studies with a Paralegal Certificate from Webster University. 


From April 2014 to April 2015, Miss Kimberlee, LLC in its first year, provided services to 12 families, 32 children, 18 adults, and 5 elderly clients in the St. Louis City and County areas.


As of March 2019, Miss Kimberlee, LLC provides private services to 49 families (163 individuals) in the St. Louis City and County areas. In addition, approximately 300-500 children have received mentoring services through contracts with other businesses annually.

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